Auto-update Docker images

A little script for updating a Docker image, using Uptime Kuma as an example.

Auto-update Composer

Super simple: crontab -e # Update Composer at 2 AM daily * 2 * * * /usr/bin/composer self-update

Auto-update Pi-Hole

Note: Pi-Hole do not recommend auto updating, as new versions may break existing installations.

Auto-update latest Tailscale on Synology

While Tailscale is now in Synology’s package centre, it has been a far older version than Tailscale provide in their on package repository.

Automate Hyper-V checkpoints with PowerShell and Task Scheduler

This script will keep n many checkpoints (or snapshots) of a Hyper-V virtual machines for a given VM’s name.

CloudFlare dynamic DNS

Here’s my little bash script for updating a CloudFlare subdomain with my current IP.

EdgeRouter X VPN Windows 10 Fix

I had issues connecting to my EdgeRouter X L2TP/IPSec VPN. My Android and iOS devices could connect fine but my Windows 10 laptop wouldn’t.

Redirect all IE versions in Apache 2.4

The following Apache conf (tested in 2.4.x) will redirect all versions of IE to the specified page.

Windows 10 Start-up folder

Step 1: <CTRL>+<R> Step 2: shell:startup Profit! References: Location of the Startup folder in Windows 10/8, The Windows Club

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